The present study aimed to evaluating the impact of success key factors of supply chain agility on the strategic performance of the Electronics companies in Iran. In the conceptual model of the research, the strategic performance of the organization involves competitive advantage and organizational performance. In this model, supply chain agility was evaluated by seven factors: computer-based technology, flexibility, relations with suppliers, using new technology, collaborative relationships, and sensitivity to market / customer and meet demand. Also the competitive advantage include five indicators of price/cost, quality, timely delivery of product or service, innovation and time to market; financial performance is the criterion of organizational performance. According to this model, the factors assessment questionnaire adjusted and distributed among 400 managers from companies Sanam, Pars-electronic and Pars-Khazar and finally 179 completed questionnaires were collected. Then using SPSS, LISREL and techniques of factor analysis and structural equation modeling, this model was confirmed with several times of modification. According to The results of the research, agility key factors have positive and direct impact on organizational performance as well as the competitive advantage.