Traditionally, organizations apply competitive strategy approach in formulating their strategies. But, in today's business environment in which organizations interact with one another and affect each other, strategic management requires a new mindset and interactive approach to replace the competitive-cooperative with competitive approach. The view of this approach appears in business ecosystem concept. Business ecosystem is a network of different players that their success and survival are linked together. This concept states that the organization not as an isolated players, but they should be considered as a part of an ecosystem and their strategies should be designed in the light of interaction of other players, both organizational and business ecosystem level strategy. This research focuses on the interaction with other organizations, to explain the strategic objectives of the banking industry has been in the business ecosystem. A mix method research methodology was adopted. Statistical population and sample are banking industry and Iranian banking experts. In the first phase, 30 in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with banking domain experts and GT approach has been conducted for summarizing and grouping data. In the second phase, the collected strategic goals were corroborated by collecting 100 domain experts’ ideas through questionnaires. Finally, the business ecosystem strategic objectives were developed. The important results of this research are identifying and explaining five strategic objectives in business ecosystem level for banking industry of Iran that is an innovation of this research