This paper has been done by the aim of identifying key factors affecting ethic marketing and their roles on improving marketing performance through the mediation influence of ethic marketing. This paper is based on a qualitative-quantitative study. Therefore at the first step, key factors affecting ethic marking were specified by a three stage-Delphi systematic interview with some marketing managers of pharmacy companies. In the next step considered factors and performance marketing of company were measured by 46 questions questionnaire and also the commitment of company to ethic marketing principles were evaluated by 30 questions questionnaire. The statistical population of this study including 385 employees of MAHBAN-DAROO Company and 341 Esfahan drugstores as their customers. The validity of this paper confirmed by content and factor validity and it reliability was proven by Cronbach's Alpha. Structural equation modeling was utilized as analyzing method by employing Amos 21. The results showed that individual, organizational, special environment and general environment factors have a direct and positive effect on ethic marketing and also ethic marketing has a positive and direct effect on marketing performance of company. Also other results revealed the mediating role of ethic marketing among key factors and marketing performance in pharmacy companies.