Quality is a concept that is based on the views of users, users needs and dominances is established. Thus, among the various groups of users have different meanings. statistics Data quality to the appropriate degree of confidence in them to meet the needs of users and the purposes specified in the survey . The perfect balance definition that was used in the past as well, because even if true Statistics can not be sure of the quality utility. In other words, a multi-dimensional quality statistics that are associated with all of its. Only one aspect of it is properly and it is perhaps the most important aspect. All aspects of quality are important However, in most surveys according to limited funds ,obtain statistics with the best level of quality in all its dimensions, it is almost impossible. This research based on SODA approach is monitoring data items quality from different directions and perspectives in order to problem structuring. Monitoring is base on documentation and scientific articles and semi-structured and depth interviews with experts in the field of statistics Data quality items Statistics Center of Iran. The researcher is trying to gather all the opinions of the experts, to structuring the relationship between the quality of its components and factors that affecting its. After setting out map to monitoring the data items quality, Level of quality items, its components, as well as factors that affect the relationship between the components are thoroughly characterized.