The aim of this research is exploring and analyzing the informational interactions among the actors of Iran’s nanotechnology domain by the quantitative exploring of their relations using Network Analysis approach. Recognition and delineation of the informational networks resulted in identification of powerful and influential actors and the weaknesses and strengths of status and relations among the actors. The results can be used by policy analysts and policy-makers as policy tools. The results in the individual level of actors revealed that Iran’s Nanotechnology Initiative Council with the highest amount of centrality is the most powerful actor of network. In the current conditions which Iran’s nanotechnology has not been entered to commercialization phase sufficiently, established institutions by the government to develop this technology have the highest amount of centrality in network. Also Nano Products Production Companies Group and Policy-Maker Institutions Group are the most powerful groups in the information network, respectively. On the other hand, Policy-maker institutions have the least informational interactions with media, non-governmental associations, and promotional institutions.