This research aims to develop a conceptual model, and identify the components of Internet marketing mix. The research has been designed and implemented through a mixed methods design (quantitative -qualitative). The integrated approach used for collecting qualitative data in order to develop a conceptual model was Meta Synthesis. The quantitative data were collected through a questionnaire, and analyzed through exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis using the SPSS and LISREL software tools. A total number of 180 questionnaires through a random sampling were distributed among the domain related experts (academicians and professionals), Finally, after collection and control, 145 questionnaires were analyzed. According to other results, the internet marketing mix consists of both integrated internet and common marketing mix. Based on factor loadings, it was revealed that the Internet marketing mix is more important than the common one. Applying a mixed methods design for identifying important components of Internet marketing mix could be considered as the originality and novelty of this research.