abstract: The independence is relative, in spite of separation of powers, in Islamic Republic of Iran. Importantly, mutual support among government agencies is to allow the service to be more provided to the country and also prevent conflicts or illegal rebellions of the institutions against each other. Lack of proper interaction between governmental institutions led to acting and trading, and this is a disaster. The main objective of this paper is to draw the desired pattern of relationships between sovereign institutions within the framework of the constitution. The main criterion which is essential to be considered in the development of relations between institutions of governance is "check and balance". So, the first step is to try to prove the implications of the relationship between sovereign entities in accordance with the constitution using content analysis, and also provide a consensus by using Delphi technique. After condition stipulating in line with the constitution, issues or problems between the sovereign institutions were reviewed to achieve the desired study pattern using approach of focus group and finally a model with greater transparency in the check and balance mechanism of the sovereign institutions on each other was provided.