Attitude to the organizations has changed over the time. A time, the organizations have been considerd as closed systems that had no interaction to their environment. When the system perspective was introduced, attiude to the organization changed, too. At the same time, organizations have been considered as open systems that interact to their environment. While, the organizations acted in an industry and todays, considering to increasingly changes that have been arised in the business environment, the industries boundries have been disappeared greatly. According to James Moore (1993), todays, organizations act in the ecosystem that different business from diverse industries interact each other and their survival increasingly dependent on each other. These concepts were be described well in the business ecosystem approach. Business ecosystem approach has been emerged in the result of environmental changes in the recent decades. The necessary of this approach apployment is making the changes in the mindsets that look at business world with a new attitude and the basic principles demonstrate the mindset changes. This paper is an overview/analytical paper and it's purpose is explaining the basic principles based on analyzing the world business changes in the recent decades. Recognizing the basic principles is one of the success necessaries at the present time.