As regard the increasing complexity and challenging problems at today organization demand developing suitable decision models. This research is aimed at utilizing whole systems approaches at better implementation strategy in this regard due to their power in resolving complex and dynamic organizational issues, and also responded some of shortcomings of existing in other strategy implementation models and methods. Since all systems methodologies are inherently restricted to determined problem domains, using total systems intervention (TSI) meta-methodology to strategic development road map, because it is totality and capability to use several system methodologies in combination. By proposed road map has made methodologic process for strategy formulation and implementation and also reached learning organization and scheming culture by applying appropriate system methodologies. Also this road map smoothly decreases the gaps between strategic and function layers in organization by ensuring a consensus between stakeholders and actors. According to the phase of TSI, at first, barrier of strategy implementation were investigated then soft systems methodology (SSM) and system dynamics (SD) selected as chief methodologies, by way of applying SSM, determine functional strategy and SD prioritize strategies, and resource allocation. The end phase, TSI was at public organization implemented, and the initial steps of road map were explored. At the end, proposed system model and final road map for strategy implementation with ten steps and two main action and investigated that`s validity. The action plan and system of performance indicators were reached via utilizing this road map in public organization.