Amir Kargar Samani *, Asadollah Kordnaeij, Seyed Hamid Khodadad Hosseini, Seyed Masoud Mousavi Shafaee In recent decades, global cities have become important in national, regional and international environments of themselves, because they have great effects on space of flows and have been affected by them. In this regards some scientific and international institutes have ranked the global/world cities and have proposed some comparative tables for them. Local and urban governance, also, are items that play significant roles in contrast with central governments, especially in local management. Urban good governance gives privilege to poor, women progress, civic participation, and interaction with public and private organizations in different social areas and effective management in cities. So, this is one of the especial arguments in city management and is investigated, discussed and developed by various institutes. The importance of these two subjects, have been an incentive to use librarian method with utilizing some reliable city, national and international resources to develop a detailed table for urban good governance of 194 global cities. So relations between urban good governance and city urban situation in some aspects could be assessed. This study indicates that urban good governance in different categories of global cities (especially among the highest category and others) has significant meaningful difference.