All of the financial institutions for gaining the best profit of their investment are always looking for the best investors, consulters, and borrowers. Besides, different sciences attempt to represent accurate methods for the separation of the customers. For that reason, sciences such as psychology, management sciences, mathematics, financial and etc…seek to achieve this aim. The subject that comes into consideration in this paper is the necessity of using the new methods in data mining in mixture with artificial intelligence techniques in order to deal with the sophisticated issue and answer to this question that do the usage of combined approach predict the customer rating well? If we want this process occurs, another dimension must not be forgotten that is the select measurement criteria and in this regard, the researcher has used judging journalist and non-parametric analysis in order to rank criteria thatfinally, select the number of indicatorsin order to implement the hybrid model will lead the researcher to answer this question: do the journalist’s ideas selection criteria result in a good prediction of the credit status of customers? The three indicators “age”, “previous relationship with the bank”, and “credit”to implement a fuzzy neural hybrid model are chosen. The model has been implemented in three layers and results suggest that 89.67% times the system can accurately estimate the proportion of customers provide ratings.To optimize the fuzzy neural network, the ant colony algorithm was used which results in improved performance of the model was 90.5%.