One of the main objectives in Bank customer-orientation is to reduce the waiting time of customers at the branch. One solution is optimal utilization of capacity and adequate facilities. Employing more than enough may cause additional costs to the Bank. This paper uses a new methodology to determine the optimal combination of equipment and facilities in Bank branches.  For this purpose, mathematical model consisting of minimizing the objective function and some constraints was developed. We solved this model by using Simulated Annealing algorithm of answers or simulation scenarios with respect to the objective function so that the optimal plausible scenario is chosen. In this method, first possible scenarios are made by considering issue constraints, using MATLAB and simulation software ED in 50 times (each time 8 hours). Finally, with respect to the combined equipment and facilities of each scenario, the costs of using equipment  and  the cost of losts customers  were calculated, and a scenario in which 4 Rial  booths,  2 exchange booths, 3 facility booths, and two ATM booths  are used with the lowest  cost, WAS chosen as  the optimal scenario.