This study investigates the impact of using non-financial performance measures on management decisions and the performance of firms listed in TSE, as well as the role of perceived environmental uncertainty in this relationship. For this purpose, the questionnaires were sent for 122 randomly selected industrial companies, and finally, 42 questionnaires were received that were completed by CEOs. Here The CEOs were requested to determine perceived environmental uncertainty in the environment that their firms operate in, and degree of usage of non-financial measures, and finally, determine the relative performance of their firms in 3 years. Analysis on the received responses showed that using non-financial measures improves the firms’ performance; However, perceived uncertainty has significant effect on this relationship but this is in opposite with Hook [1] who found that it reduces this effect. Additional analysis also showed that internal process measures did not have any effect on the firms’ performance but customer and growth measures affect on the firms performance, and it is affected by the environmental uncertainty only for growth measures.