The increasing trend of manpower and financial investments have made information technology productivity more important than before. Researches show various results of information technology productivity. While some of the researches attribute the improvement and increase of productivity and profitability to the information technology, others consider the real profits of information technology disappointing and even pretend that information technology has not been able to increase productivity and create economic advantage.
The present research covers the information technology productivity at the economy level (industry level) and has a different assessment of information technology productivity criteria through studying whole economic guidelines as well as industrial guidelines. The results of the field research and surveying the records and valid statistics made it clear that although there is not a meaning ful disparity between manpower and financial investments, there is a gap between existing information technology productivity and the prospective one. In this article, besides stating the study criteria and presenting hypotheses and research findings, the different criteria of assessing information technology productivity have been taken into consideration.