Politics is specifying the will of the state - which is the subject of politics science- and the Public Administration is implementing the will of state- which is the subject of Public Administration. These two have interaction. The Public Administration is a infrastructure for implementing the will of state and politics specify the structure of Public Administration. Analyzing one of them must be along with the other. One of the subjects that related to them is delegation of power. According to the rate of delegation of power, the methods of managing the Public administration are as following: centralized, concentrated, decentralized, federal and confederation.
Federalism (that in this article is synonym to Administrative Federalism) is the subject of this article. In this article, at first definitions, related concepts, strengths and weaknesses of the Administrative Federalism, and the origins and circumstances necessary for the implementior of Administrative Federalism were explained and a kind of comparative study is rendered. Furthermore, the history and present status of centralization and decentralization in public administration in Iran were analyzed. Then, the possibility of implementing of Administrative Federalism in Iran was analyzed. Finally, the model of implementing Administrative Federalism in Iran was suggested.