The lean production is a philosophy and new view of product, which its birthplace is in Japan. This approach was prevailed in Europe and U.S.A. later on and highly welcomed there by many vehicle manufactures. In this method, it is tried to minimize the wastes and maximum productivity is obtained by all facilities, human resources and capital.
The present article while introducing factors and particularities of lean production, tries to present a model which can compare the rate of compatibility of productive factories with criterions and specialties of lean production by using dimensional analysis (DA). According to researches done in this regard, the factors of lean production are divided into 9 major factors and 85 minor criterions. Then, integrity of effective factors is analyzed using statistical techniques of corelalion coefficient, multi-regression coefficient and analysis factor.
One of the particularities and innovations in this article is the usage of lean production in factories for made to order. Because, most of the past researches have been a car manufacturing which has continues and based on product. The statistical society of this research is Sadid Industrial Group which has many large productive companies and is considered as one of the big productive companies in Iran.
The obtained results state the importance of organization and leadership in lean production and information technology, management information system, human resources and supply chain management are considered respectively as other important factors in achieveing to lean production. Also the obtained result from factor analysis states that major factors of lean production are divided into two clusters. The first group includes information technology factors, leadership and organization, human resources, organization, purchasing and logistics, supply chain management, production process management and maintenance. And the second group includes total quality management, equipment and hardware management.