The aim of this research, Which lead to the study of those factors that influence the process is to design and clear up the model of automobile industry development technology in Iran, with putting emphasis on the exportation strategy of technology exportation/development of automobile industry and achievement of suitable model. The connoisseurs in the field of exportation development have presented different point of views and every researcher has tried to study the subject of exportation development.
The method of performing is descritive research either within the field or the measurement, and the industrial situation of automobile manufacturing in Iran has been study and put into comparative estimate with Korea. Statistical community of the study, consistes of experts and managers and the necessary information for analysis was collected through questionnaire (in 112 questions) and interview. The most importand statistical test in use is Spearman correlation test that beside it, Wilcoxon and Friedman tests are used as well. Based on Spearman correlation test, there is a significant relation, among human resources development, organizational culture development, organizational structure development and managerial structure development on one hand and technology development on the other hand. (Human Resources Development-0.852), (Organizational Culture-0.879), (Organizational Structure-0.722), (Managerial Structure Development-0.861).
One of the outcomes of this research, is making a comparison between Iran and Korea technology development situation with applying SWOT techniques and for so doing, Wilcoxon and Friedman tests are used which indicate. There is a meaningful difference between Iran and Korea from the viewpoint of technology development.
At the end some suggestions for technology development, were allowed too.