Because of information revolution, the whole pattern of human life has been changed. Trade is the one which is being affected the most. The new media (internet) has changed the way of transaction process, even buyer and seller behavior. Therefore marketing concept has changed and it has to be adapted to online situations.
In this article, the authors are trying to design a conceptual framework for internet marketing mix. It is considered a new philosophy in marketing named relationship marketing. This model has factors that have impacts on the marketing mix. One of the factors is product life cycle and the other is customer maturity. Elements of the mix are combination of traditional and modern components that are: product, price, place, information gathering, communication, and branding. PLC has four stages and we define that customer maturity has three phases regarding to fuzzy logic. Therefore, in this model, we examine 12 boxes derived of multiplication of four and three. Consequently, the model was confirmed and found 10 integrated Marketing mixes regarding to different situations in product and customer maturity.