This article deals with importance of the survey of research and scientific activities and the existing mechanisms in this regard and at the same time, provides a framework for innovation survey at national level. The first part of the article is a review and survey of the literature of technological changes. In this part, theoretical principles of technological changes are discussed. Also we will deal with measurement of research and development as the oldest indicator of research and scientific activities and, then, considering the flows and defect in the measurement of research and development, as well as, non-linear realities of modern economics, innovation survey is introduced as the latest mechanism for technological activities. In addition, current approaches for the survey of innovations at national level are introduced and, at the end of the first part, we will discuss different approaches to classify technology policies in this regard.
In the second part of the article, an appropriate framework for innovation survey at national level is proposed through the use of field research. First of all, considering the potentials and capabilities of each of the current innovation surveys at national level, the appropriate approach is adopted. Then through the direct approach of technology policy classification, the status of innovative activities in Iran is determined. In the next section, we identify current innovation survey indicators at national level, which are deemed appropriate based on national requirements and the status of innovation activities in Iran. At the same time, we discuss the possibility of evaluatiny current indicators of innovation survey based on the situation of Iran. Finally, considering the results of the measurement research, we offer appropriate and possible indicators for innovation survey at national level.