Although nowdays, there is no tendency to national planning like before, that does not mean that planning should be left aside, rather today’s world is calling for modern and effective approaches for national planning. The main objective of national planning, with any approach, is to fulfill peoples needs and demands. Total Quality Management (T.Q.M) by taking into account the customer’s requirements and satisfaction can amply demonstrate a new perspective on national planning.
This model is customer satisfaction oriented and if the requirements are fulfilled, the satisfaction could be obtained. Comprehensiveness, equity, flexibility, integrity, internal and external consistency, rationality and effectiveness are some of the characteristics that define the Model’s goal and could be gathered from planning experts.
Optimization of planning process, empowerment of plan’s employees and focusing on customer requirements are three basic principles to reach the goal. The final goal of this paper (customer satisfaction) could be materialized when all the principles accounted for sofar come to a stage of continuous empoverment.