WTO as one of the 118th elements of third wave paradigm and also strategic shift from traditional management to brand management in global automotive industry, are regarded as the most important strategic challenges for local new established automotive companies particularly Iranian automotive companies. This article represents findings of a study which has examined growth models and learning barriers in Iranian automotive companies. This research has examined first, competition issues regarding Iran Khodro Company (as a pilot to apply results of research) by means of SD modeling in comparison with other internal competitors. And then simulates Iran automotive industry sector in a real competitive environment with presence of other foreign competitors by applying two scenarios. These two scenarios express that what are the growth enablers and impediments for Iran Khodro (in micro term) and Iranian automotive industry section (in macro term), whether or not the infrastructures of joining Iran to bilateral or multilateral WTO negotiates are strengthened. Finally, complementary policies for survival of Iranian automotive companies in a completely competitive situation is examined and addressed and necessary suggestions for their survival are presented.