Each of the performance assessment models is an instrument that after implementing it can give the decision makers different information. So it is inevitable to use these models to answer the questions and problems that has been arizen in decision makers’ mind.
Therefore, in this article we want to explain the mathematic model of the suitable Data Envelopment Analysis, grading efficiency of instruction groups, the weak and strength points of each group and the situation of optimum use of accessible sources in the human sienceses faculty from the view point of DEA. Since the different models of DEA have been developed during last years to be used in different areas, one of the most important steps before evaluating surveyed units is choosing a model or models suitable with them.
This article presents a collection of consecutive steps, in a conceptual framework in order to choose correctly a performance evaluation model. These stages should be performed one after the other, otherwise the credits of evaluation model can scrafeh due to the natural weak nesses of DEA method.