Emergence of different approaches in the field of Organizational Development has raised the question that which approach Fits which organizational conditions for achieving Organizational Development. In order to answer this question Organizational Development approaches are divided into three categories. The first category is composed of those approaches in which radical and top-down changes along with using information technology are emphasized. Business Process Reengineering is the typical approach in this group. Those approaches that focus on partial moderate changes and give importance to quality of production and services fall in the second category. Total Quality Management can be labled as a typical in this group. The third category includes the approaches in which gradual change through organizational learning makes an organization prepared to meet environmental changes. Learning Organization can suitably referred to as a typical approach in this group. Having applied the technique of Critical Success Factor (CSF) to the corporate’s states of financial, market and customer satisfaction, we proposed a model to fit situational factors to effective organizational approaches. This model was emprically tested in serveral Iranian enterprises.