Performance appraisal is considered as an important and critical function in facilitating organization effectiveness in the field of human resource management. In recent years, there has been more attention toward the role of performance appraisal system, became it is believed that an effective performance appraisal system can present many advantages for the organization and its members. Performance appraisal system has gained considerable attention from public sector especially in Iran and in recent years the government has tried to implement this system by improving its present status among managers, supervisors/experts and employees.
In this article, the degree of past and present performance appraisal effectiveness is studied and in this regard 7 hypothesis and its referent questions are presented. By testing in a comparative method the questionnaire forms are distributed among certain members of experts in the ministry of economic affairs. The results indicate a comparison between past present performance appraisal system show a remarkable move toward a better system in the future. At the end, recommendations for developing and improving a system of performance appraisal system for public employees also removal of current difficulties and upgrading the effectiveness of the system are presented.