Nowadays, ICT infrastructures and applications have been developed because of its capabilities in responsing to the needs of business. These capabilities cause ICT to be used as a simple fying and empowerment tool to achieve. Recently, the ICT infrastructures have been developed to the rural areas through the Rural ICT Plan. Using ICT capabilities for rural empowerment, decreasing rural poverty and decreasing rural problems are the final goal of this plan. This plan had good advancements in hardware and network dimensions, but there is no integrated methodology for developing its applications. Therefore, in this paper, based on the enterprise architecture issues, an architecture framework was introduced based on rural ICT infrastructure. The proposed framework mainly focuses on the rural supply chain in agriculture domain, because of its importance as a rural core process. The grounded theory is the research methodology of this study and the resulted architecture framework was developed in three layers. Finally, the framework was compared with the common enterprise architecture frameworks.