One of the most important permanence factors in today’s competition environment is decreasing of the cost of the products. Selecting the appropriate suppliers can significantly reduce the purchasing cost and increase organization competitiveness. It is due to the fact that in most industries, the cost of raw material and component parts includes the main cost of a product. The aim of this paper was to introduce a fuzzy decision making approach for supplier selection problems in supply chain. Most of such decisions are unstructured and many of the performance criteria such as quality, cost, flexibility and delivery time to determine the best supplier should be considered. In this paper, verbal variables were used for evaluation and determination of the performance of supplier under each criterion and determination of the weight of the criteria. Verbal variables were described by means of the triangular and trapezoid fuzzy numbers. Furthermore, the priority and the rank of suppliers by fuzzy multi-criteria decision making were determined. Finally, an example was presented to the process of decision making.