Many of management theorists describe learning organization as a living and evolutionary system that enhances its performance by acquiring knowledge. "Thinking about future or future building" and "increasing learning capacity" are two key factors that have been emphasized by the authors of learning organizations. In new century, learning is survival for organizations and those organizations that do not make productive learning no longer to be lived.
Managers may have unreal understanding about the amount of learning in their organizations and need a device for measuring the characteristics of learning organizations in it.
This article developed the required indicators for measuring five main characteristics of learning organizations including: leadership, manpower, organizational design, organizational culture and mission/strategy characteristics, and examined content validity, construct validity, convergent validity and discriminate validity of the measurement devices with Delphi, confirmatory factor analysis and variable analysis methods.
The proved indicators in this study formed a questionnaire that may be used for measuring the amount of learning organizations characteristics in different firms and organizations.