Information Technology (IT) and organizational Excellence Models have significant impacted on most of Iranian organizations. Although each has been widely researched all over the world, however, there is little well-founded empirical research on the relationship between Information Technology (IT) and Total Quality Management (TQM) or Organizational Excellence Models (which are based on TQM).
This paper presents an investigation of such relationships through a survey of the most successful industrial companies in Iran.
These companies were selected among the applicants of National Productivity and Business Excellence Award in the years 2004 and 2005, All of these companies are using EFQM excellence model.
The main purpose of this research was to investigate the impact of IT on Organizational Excellence in Iranian companies.
To develop a measurement construct, it is necessary to state the hypotheses to be tested, which in turn requires an underlying theoretical framework. A framework for testing the hypotheses was developed. Other influencing factors such as company size and production type were considered in this framework.
The results indicated that the size of company is an influencing factor on applying IT and Excellence Models. However, most intensive users of IT perceive a bigger impact on Excellence Model criteria.