In spite of the growing attention to employee empowerment, there exists little ‎understanding of how the process of employee empowerment occurs?, what are ‎the psychological processes underlying employee empowerment? and What ‎important organizational variables reliably predict employee empowerment? ‎Although many authors have emphasized the critical role of leadership in the ‎empowerment process, there are few scientific studies that have examined the ‎effects of leadership behaviors on employee empowerment. Using the existing ‎literature and theories, the focus of the current study is to answer the following ‎question: How do transformational leaders empower employees? Using data ‎collected, results of analyses suggest that transformational leadership has ‎much impact on employee empowerment. Follow- up analyses indicated that ‎there is significance relation between transformational leadership and ‎meaning, choice, competence, and impact.‎