Appraisal and calculate productivity of the industrial groups with applying of system dynamics approach in 1404 horizon. In this paper, industrial productivity was calculated in 1404 horizon with usage of system dynamics model. For this purpose, with regard to behavior of the effective variables and data of 1380 to 1388 years, the productivity model was designed and simulated.The result showed industrial productivity from 1380 to 1388 years always decreasing and this trend because increasing input production, will be continuing from 1389 to 1396 years, but from 1396 to 1404 horizon this trend will be increased. It should be noted that the productivity of the manufacturing process, labor productivity is lower fluctuation from than capital and energy. With regard to role of industrial productivity in value added, the appraisal of policy changes showed that increase of 1% annual productivity rate in industrial sector in 1404 with ratio to bas year, lead to increasing 3.5%.value added