This paper discusses the problems of those full fuzzy linear programming in which all parameters and variables are fuzzy. Fuzzy optimal solution is real when all constraints of the model are satisfaied and a crisp optimal solution can not be optimal solution of the fuzzy problem. New methods are proposed, evaluated, and compared to find the fuzzy optimal solution of full fuzzy linear programming problems with equality and inequality constraints, including Dehghan et. al., Lotfi et. al., Momeni et. al., and Kumar et al., methods. Also the use of ranking function for defuzzification of the model and the use of fuzzy slack variables for converting dequity fuzzy constraints to equity ones are proposed. Since, working with triangular fuzzy number is more easier than others, for numerical examples, common triangular fuzzy numbers and LR triangular fuzzy numbers have been used. To illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed methods, different numerical examples have been solved.