In a knowledge-based economiy, products and companies live and die on information and the most successful companies are the ones who use their intangible assets better and faster. Researches have indicated that inverse decreasing returns of traditional resources such as land, money, machinery etc. Knowledge is realy a resource to increase business performance. From a strategic perspective, intellectual capital (IC) is used to create and enhance the organizational value, and success requires IC and the ability to manage this scarce resource controlled by a company. In addition, one of the most important organizational capabilities is social capital that can contribute to create and share knowledge in organizations and to make sustainable organizational advantage for them in comparison with their competitors.
Thus, the objective of the present descriptive and analytical research was to discuss the role of intellectual capital and social capital in competitive advantage in two automobile maker companies in Iran. Statistical community of the research consisted of supervisors, general managers and top managers. The obtained results indicated that there was a significant positive relationship between the social capital and intellectual capital in the two studied companies. Also, their intellectual capital had direct impact on their competitive advantage. However, their social capital had indirect impact on their competitive advantage.