The present era is named as information, digital or knowledge era, in which information technology, as a new strategy and thought, has affected all dimensions of human life Consequently, the organizations are among those concepts that have been affected by information technology. So that it is impossible to imagine the organizations without this strategy. In order to fullfil the requirements and expectations of the society in this field, the organizations have to use information technology if they are interested in surviving. Thus, developing information technology in governmental organizations of the developing countries has special significance. It is because, from one aspect, this skill is considered as a strategy to national development of the developing countries and, from the other aspect, it is very important in terms of governments role in national economiyc, GDP and information technology markets.
There fore, knowing the effective factors on using information technology is a nessecity. In this way, knowing structural and managerial factors effecive on using information technology is of great importancece and can help the governmental organizations to use this strategy more quickly.
The goal of the present research is to recognize these effective factors in governmental organizations. Accordingly, many factors such as the chief manager of information technology,s skill and support, suitable organizational structure in information technology and the sort of the activity of the organization on using information technology were studied.