In today’s markets, production systems must satisfy simultaneously
productivity, quality, and cost requirements. In these systems managers should
focus on managing the flow of production through all the steps that add value to
the final product. Lean production as an efficient approach has been presented in
the literature of production management for increasing the level of products'
quality and decreasing the cost of production. Although this approach is
introduced and studied in many of works, but there are still some challenges in
applying it. It means that there is not a comprehensive model for assessing and
analyzing the lean production in manufacturing firms. This paper tries to present
a model that is able to accurately analyze and measure the leanness degree of
At first step a hierarchical model for measuring the degree of leanness
has been designed. The proposed model applied at the Yazd Tile and
Ceramic Industries and the degree of leanness of these industries was
measured. Finally, some suggestions for improving the degree of leanness in
these industries have been presented.