Selecting appropriate suppliers can significantly reduce costs and increase ‎the competitiveness of organizations. On the other‏ ‏hand, in today’s ‎competitive environments, high speed of changes increases uncertainty and ‎ambiguity in decision making. Considering these two important issues, in ‎this research, fuzzy-robust approach was is used to increase certainty and ‎remove ambiguity in planning of the supply parts for two products of Iran ‎Khodro Company (Tehran, Iran). Due to high number of parts were in any ‎product, only the important parts were selected for this survey. Model of ‎supply of these parts (was designed) in the form of a multi-objective linear ‎programming model. Because of the uncertainty of some parameters of the ‎model, these parameters are considered as random variables but there is no ‎exact value for them. In order to remove concern and ambiguity about these ‎parameters‏ ‏regarding the length (half-length) of their intervals, with help ‎new approach (fuzzy-robust), the model was converted into fuzzy-robust ‎model to achieve dependable solutions. Finally, the quality of solutions was ‎analyzed by simulation technique.‎