Information systems decisions are of the main concerns of managers.
Existence of uncertainties and different objectives and attributes influence
the quality of decisions. Environmental uncertainties can challenge the
quality of IS investment decisions. Investment decisions, made without any
respect to environmental changes, will loose their effectiveness as time
passes. IS investment decisions require attention to different attributes such
as return on investment, strategic competitiveness and user satisfaction.
Multi-attribute decision making (MADM) approaches can play an important
role to make investment decisions. This study aims to integrate scenario
planning (as a tool to meet environmental uncertainties), Axiomatic Design
(MADM approach) and Fuzzy Delphi method (experts opinions acquiring
and consensus tool) as a Hybrid Model to propose a new methodology to
make IS investment decisions about the outsourcing or insourcing of the
development of the information systems. A case study in IS investment has
been done. The case is about the selection of an ERP system in Iranian
National Oil Company (NOC).