Nowadays, many organizations face with increasing competition and
uncertainty environment, supported by innovating technologies and the
changing needs of customers. In this environment, past methods in supply
chain loose their ability. One efficient method in this regard is agility. Thus,
for modeling the agility of supply chain, a wide range of research was done
in the literature. The results of this research and interview by experts found
11 critical success factors of agile supply chain. Then these factors were
entered into a questionnaire and the experts of Zobahan Co Supply Chain
were asked to fill in it. The obtained results were analyzed by interpretive
structural modeling and the Correlations between those factors were
determined. The attained correlations indicated that development of the
employees’ skills, employment of IT and programming are the basics of
agility in supply chain. This model would help the supply chain managers in
strategic planning for improving the agility of supply chain.