The most important factor in brand development and maintenance is creating loyalty in costumer’s views, attitudes and behaviors. In recent years making use of human metaphor and giving personality to the brand in various studies have been used. For this reason in this study, Hyperstar brand as one of the biggest private chains have been choosed for evaluating the impact of brand personality on attitudinal and behavioral loyalty. Population for this study consists of all the costumers of Hyperstar in Tehran. Necessary data was gathered with questionnaires with 23 questions from 120 respondents which were choosed with the method of convenience sampling. For testing the model the method of least partial squares and PLS Graph were used. The results showed that four dimensions of responsibility (β=0.212; t=2.49), activity (β=0,276; t=2.690), emotionality (β=0.223; t=3.204), aggressiveness (β=0.154; t=1.905) have impact on attitudinal loyalty, and attitudinal loyalty (β=0.777; t=12.415) on behavioral, but brand’s simplicity (β=0.125; t=1.618) have no impact on attitudinal loyalty. Furthermore from brand personality dimensions only activity (β=0.104; t=1.881) have impact on behavioral loyalty. Therefore it could be concluded that in the evaluation of the impact of brand personality on loyalty, it is better that attitudinal and behavioral loyalty be evaluated separately.