Today ICT is growing remarkably and considered as a very important enabler in different enterprises , and then, reaching the goals of an organization is almost impossible without it. The aim of using ICT is to achieve the business goals and ensure following the strategies. Therefore the organizations should benefit from ICT solutions to move toward their goals, using ICT solutions effectively, but without having appropriate processes will be a very difficult job. according to COBIT, As the IT Governance provides a structure for connecting IT processes and relating information to enterprise goals, strategy and business requirements, and it integrates optimized methods of IT planning and organizing, acquiring and implementing, delivery and support, monitoring and evaluating for dual goals of risk management ( for making the confidentiality, availability, reliability and compliance) and acquiring benefits and advantages ( efficiency and effectiveness) ,first, the maturity level of enterprise processes of information and communication technology (ICT) organization of Isfahan Municipality has been assessed in this paper by using this framework and then a new aspect of COBIT and the relations between its different components are discussed. Finally considers the following question: Does the rising of maturity level of enterprise processes lead to increase the meeting of the business requirements?