In today’s business world, human resource is concerned as fundamental capital ‎of organizations. In fact, human resource is the chief organizational tool to ‎achieve the strategies and goals. According to the significance of human ‎resource, the present research aimed to develop a framework, by which the ‎human resource strategies can be developed on the basis of the knowledge ‎dimension, which is one of the most important resources for generating ‎competitive advantage. Previous models and approaches did not concern to the ‎knowledge aspect of the employees in human resource strategy process, which ‎is a significant lack in these models. The main difference of the framework of ‎this research and that of previous study is paying due attention in work to the ‎knowledge in human resource strategy development process as a determinant ‎factor, especially for the knowledge based organizations. Indeed, the main ‎finding of this study is development of a human resource strategy framework ‎that emphasizes to the knowledge aspect, which is applicable in new ‎businesses of the present era of transferring to the knowledge based ‎organizations. For validating the suggested framework, the expert opinion, one ‎of the research methods for conceptual studies, was used. ‎