Attaining wellbeing and promoting standards of citizen's life is one of the pillars of national security of countries since a long time ago, and success of governments in achieving this goal is interpreted as one of their power elements, in a manner that guarantee of social member’s survival and achieving good and happy life is counted among major mission of governments. In present research, besides review of present literature about wellbeing, promoting national wellbeing is considered from perspective of improvement of public service qualities and good governance. Research methodology includes both descriptive and correlation analysis based on Structural Equation Modeling. Data was collected by means of documents and libraries studies. Research results indicated that improvement of good governance components result in national wellbeing promotion. Meanwhile, promoting good governance pave the way of wellbeing promotion in quantities direction such as gross domestic product, education, research, health and … and qualitative directions such as happiness. In other words, promoting good governance has dual objectives such as improvement of quantitative indexes like national product and growth of qualitative indexes such as decrease of social costs of economic growth, safeguarding resources for futur and stability of growth.