The project excellence model (PEM) evaluates projects by a comprehensive approach and measures the success and excellence of a project based on a set of pre-defined criteria. This model includes nine evaluation criteria that one of them is the “leadership” criterion. The execution responsibility of leadership in projects is undertaken by project managers. In this paper, a comprehensive conceptual competency model is presented by focusing on the PEM's leadership criterion. This model suggests three general dimensions as necessary criteria for evaluating project managers, which are knowledge competency, performance competency and behavioral competency. Moreover, in this research, to achieve optimum evaluation process, a new multi-attribute decision making (MADM) method is designed integrating the Delphi and VIKOR techniques in a fuzzy environment. The proposed competency model and fuzzy hybrid evaluation method can be considered as a decision support system (DSS) that not only helps development of the project excellence level but is a move towards systematic planning and scientific decision making in the successful project management process.