The Model of a Global Strategic Supplier Selection in Supply Chain (Case of Iran Automotive Industry)
Globalization is one of the important changes in the 21 century that increased competitions around the world in national, local and international tread and business. Thus production transferred from a national and limited decision to a global and strategic issue. Many competition rules and foundations were changed and redefined in the new situation. This paper studies one of the important aspects of this problem, that is supplier selection, considering two points:
1)world class manufacturing (WCM) conditions,
2)Strategic cooperation.
We designed a new model that can select a global strategic supplier, which is tested in Iran auto motive industry supply chain management. This model is very suitable for Iran and other similar countries, and tries to find a suitable answer to this key question, that our managers: is faced with Which supplier should be selected as a part of our supply chain, to improve company
company ability, at global production dimansions
This model is called »Mogbel – Goudarzi global strategic supplier selection model« or »strategic diamond«.