Football is an industry that Branding and its foundation, brand identity, it has extremely important in. so that researchers have proposed specific brand models in countries with football. In this research, using descriptive analytic methods and with the purpose of application, data was collected in two qualitative and quantitative phases. The statistical population consists of 10 professionals and experts in related to research and Spectators of six teams in the Premier League that would be present in the stadium. Sample size was 300 cases in Phase I and 720 in Phase II. which using simple random sampling method and equally, the fans selected. Accordingly, researchers found need of new theoretical insights based on brand identity(Koo(2009), Schilhaneck(2008), Zucchermaglio(2011), Silveira(2011)&Richelieu(2010), and considering the brand identity models, in few countries with football brand (Germany, Spain, France and S.Korea), and with the use of experts and fans perspectives, the brand identity model of teams in the league in season 92/91 offer and Finally using CFA and SEM model provided a new perspective on the dimensions of the country football brand identity, that are on the basis of factor loading as following: Success(./97), Delivery(/.92), Native Region(/.89), Star Player(/.88), Logo, Fans, History, Traditional Rival(./87), Tradition(./85), Team performance (./82), Stadium(./72) and Non -Player personnel (./51).