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Cooperation Modeling for Unlimited Three Echelon Supply Chain: Game Theory Approach

hannan amoozad mahdiraji; Mohammad Moddares Yazdi; Ali Mohaghar; Ahmad Jaafarnejad

Volume 18, Issue 1 , May 2014, , Pages 171-191

  Supply chain (SC) management aims to increase the overall profit through improvement of various activities and components. Many contradictions between parts and different levels of a SC have been identified in order to achieve overall objectives. Such shortfalls may result in decreased strength and competitiveness ...  Read More

-Examining the Effects of Quality Management System (QMS) on Organizational Performance

- -; - -; - -

Volume 14, Issue 4 , March 2011, , Pages 185-204

  Design and implementation of QMS will cause to the improvement of organizational performance if it concerns on the especial characteristics of the organization. In general, previous studies have obtained different results about the effect of QMS (7 main practices) on organizational performance (4 ...  Read More

Introducing a GSS framework for selection of Intellectual capital Measurement Indicators in an Automobile Manufacturer in Iran

Ali Mohaghar; Adel Moslehi; Kambiz Badie; Caro Lucas

Volume 11, Issue 20 , December 2007, , Pages 181-209

  As the business environment continues to shift into more knowledge-based services, companies who are recognizing the true importance of intellectual capital are going to be more successful. So, in contemporary organizations, one of the most important decisions made by mangers is intellectual capital ...  Read More

Designing a Model for Selecting Project Team Based on Fuzzy Approach

Ali Mohaghar; Amir Mostafavi

Volume 11, Issue 3 , October 2007, , Pages 207-232

  Selecting people of project team is very important because it can determine successful ness or failure of projects. In this research, a model was developed for project team selection based on fuzzy approach that presents a systematic and scientific selection process of project team. Fuzzy compatibility ...  Read More

Modeling Just in Time Production Using System Dynamics Approach

Ali Mohaghar; Ali Morovati Sharif Abadi

Volume 10, Issue 20 , June 2006, , Pages 269-292

  Just in Time (JIT) production systems are introduced for production and supply of goods and services with minimum inventory. The goal of this paper is present a sample of system dynamics modeling application for analysis and improvement of JIT system's behavior. In this paper relations between demand ...  Read More