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Explaining the Applications of Crowd Model Building and Group Model Building in System Dynamics

Ali Haji Gholam Saryazdi; Ali Rajabzadeh Ghatari; Ali Naghi Mashayekhi; Alireza Hassanzadeh

Volume 24, Issue 4 , December 2020, , Pages 127-154

  The systems dynamics emphasize the participation of individuals in modeling as well as modeling evaluation. In recent years, participative model building methods have been developed, both individually and in groups, as well as crowd model building, which are based on the mass participation of people ...  Read More

The Dilemma of the Dynamic Problems: Provide a Framework for the Process of Problem Definition

Ali Haji Gholam Saryazdi; Ali rajabzadeh Ghatari; Ali Naghi Mashayekhi; Alireza Hasanzadeh

Volume 21, Issue 2 , September 2017, , Pages 1-26

  Problem definition is the most vital and important step in system dynamics approach. It is the basis for other steps of dynamic modeling and one of the main conditions in the effectiveness of modeling and its success. Considering its importance, there is scant literature on process of problem definition ...  Read More

Beyond the agency theory in regulation of relationship between a client and contractor in professional service projects

Ali Naghi Mashayekhi; SeyedAlireza Mirbagheri

Volume 19, Issue 1 , July 2015, , Pages 191-213

  Many companies are dependent on purchasing the required professional services (such as managerial, marketing, accounting, legal, and IT services) from specialist contractors. The contract between such contractors and clients forms an agency relationship, so the agency theory may be used to regulate the ...  Read More

An empirical study of the relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership style (transformational-transactional)

Ali Naghi Mashayekhi; Ali Akbar Farhangi; Mansour Moemeni; Sirous Alidousti

Volume 9, Issue 20 , October 2005, , Pages 191-232

  Study of the relationship between two important variables, emotional intelligence and leadership style, has been the main purpose of this research. The population under study consists of 266 marketing and sales managers from Mashhad food and automobile industries from which a sample of 73 peaple was ...  Read More