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Analysis of a bank queuing system and reducing the waiting time for customers by simulation and design of experiment approach

hossein talebi; maghsoud amiri; parham azimi

Volume 22, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 95-118

  One of the most important goals moving toward banks customer satisfaction is reducing waiting time in branches. Banks are queuing system including that long queues of customers will cause Increase customer waiting time and decrease satisfaction. One of the effective solution for reducing waiting time ...  Read More

Using Set Covering Approach for Decision-Making Criteria Classification while Correlation between Criteria Exist

maghsood amiri; mojtaba aghaei

Volume 21, Issue 3 , December 2017, , Pages 1-23

  In choosing an alternative among many, decision makers usually take into account multiple criteria’s, which are sometimes in line with each other and sometimes conflicting. When there is dependencies between criteria, MCDM techniques such as ANP, AHP and DEMATEL could be applied. Another approach ...  Read More

Application of multi-level, multi-objective mathematical model to determine the optimal level of effective quality factors in plastic injection quality and using fuzzy dual response surface methodology (Case Study: Movable arm rest Teflon Bush for bus seat)

Mostafa Hoseinnezhadi; Mahdi Azizmohammadi; Maghsoud Amiri

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2014, , Pages 1-24

  One of the applicable techniques which are used for modeling and solving optimization problems is response surface methodology (RSM). Response surface methodology is a collection of tools for fitting a surface to a set of data and determines optimal levels, this method used of a regression model for ...  Read More

Selecting Information Systems Projects in Uncertain Environments Using a Hybrid Method (Integration of Scenario Planning, Axiomatic Design and Fuzzy Delphi Method)

- -; - -; - -

Volume 14, Issue 4 , March 2011, , Pages 49-78

  Information systems decisions are of the main concerns of managers. Existence of uncertainties and different objectives and attributes influence the quality of decisions. Environmental uncertainties can challenge the quality of IS investment decisions. Investment decisions, made without any respect ...  Read More